Every great dream starts with a passion. At an early age I found myself behind a camera capturing life as it trickled by. Initially following the passion of my father, I'd trek along with him to watch him photograph the beautiful scenery that surrounded our local area. It was those early years ignited me to further educate myself in the art of photography and I began intensely studying while it at school. I started out with the basics of light: I created a pinhole camera and observed the way light reflected in order to create images. Fueled by this new-found knowledge, I moved on to black and white film photography, processing my own film and images in a darkroom. My creative juices led me to producing striking and eerie landscape images, and I found myself drawing inspiration from surrealist photographers in order to push the boundaries on what we all see and believe. 

Now, with the digital age growing by the minute, it was time to take the next step and upgrade to a DSLR camera. I had spent several years away from photography to pursue other interests and worked full-time to pay the bills. Back in the swing of things my main interest [at the time] was motocross. Chasing my motto dream led me to travel the countryside doing what I loved, but as a consequence of this passion, it sometimes put me in dangerous situations where I would find myself waking up in hospital! After several serious race related accidents, I decided to pick up where I had left off and once again pursued my passion for photography. This time I mixed my photography in with what had been my life: racing motocross. I would attend local race meets and sell photos from the events with the dream of one day taking my dreams to the next level.

In 2014 I was rewarded for my hard work and was offered the job as official photographer for the Australian Supercross Series. I found myself working with some of the countries biggest brands: Fox, Alpinestars, Thor as well as some of the top motocross teams in the paddock. The success of the Australian Supercross Series saw my work published in Australia’s leading magazines--as well as coverage in the USA [arguably the biggest motocross websites in the world]. Since the Supercross series, I've grasped the opportunity I was afforded with both hands and travelled the country photographing the best riders in the world. 

After many years of honing my trade I've progressed into photo journalism, covering national events for magazines, as well as composing articles relating to motorsports in general.